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About us

We're home to our custom shaped pillows, and local independent artists from around the world.  Our pillows are created on-demand, and guarantee a one-of-a-kind product that will be enjoyed, loved, and remembered for a lifetime.

What We Believe

We believe there's power in every smile. At CustomSequinPillows, it’s not only our job to make every one of those smiles more seamless, but our responsibility to make a positive impact on the world. We do this through our products, through the platform we have, and the community we create. 

What We Make

We make one of a kind products that are; Customizable, Memorable, Lovable, Huggable, Washable, and Giftable. They're pretty able.

How We Do It

 We use only the finest, most high-quality materials available, ensuring we can provide you with the best quality product available. Our quality is guaranteed—your pillows will be with you for life.

Our Mission

CustomSequinPillows was created with one simple goal: to help bring joy to you or a loved one by helping you feel closer to the people and moments that matter most.

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